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So it's yet another Monday in Humanville, the UNOFFICIAL most frustrating day of the week. The day where people loose their minds over the most fickle of things as...everything seems hightened! Maybe it's the Sunday hangovers🍸setting in, the Lazy gene taking effect, or the fact that most of us have to do jobs we don't … Continue reading MONDAY MADNESS😤


ACCEPTING THYSELF So now I’m thrown into the “real” world! Like any twenty-something year old should be. And instead of being worried about bills or having a steady job, the things I’m worried about are way different? I’m more worried about why unlike most girls in the world, I’m not crazy about make-up, teddy bears … Continue reading NOW WHAT Ep3


GIRL MEET WORLD So pre-school, Elementary, Middle School and the High School. After that of course came College! But now that’s over and this girl has to “face the real world”. Or at least that’s what everybody says! Now, the normal me would have loved to “make my parents proud” and continued for a master’s … Continue reading NOW WHAT Ep2

Weekend Vs WizKid

Hey Munchkins😝! So today, like every other Saturday...I'm supposed to pick a Celebrity to talk about. But me still being in the apologetic spirit that I am, how about TWO celebrities?!😊  Yes loves, you can call it a TWO for ONE special!  TWO for ONE being because they have for some reason decided to hear … Continue reading Weekend Vs WizKid